10 Reasons to Choose BAS

  1. We handle all the technical and legal aspects of recruiting and hiring your own development team, and house them in our own development centres—the ultimate model for efficiency, cost-savings, and quality development.
  2. We place your hand-picked team in the location that best meets your needs — whether onshore, nearshore, or offshore
  3. We are experts in agile development methods. We’re the only nearshore IT company in Europe to become ICAgile-certified training consultants, with more than 200 certified teams.
  4. Our unique “own development team” model can translate in up to 60% cost savings that would typically go toward hiring, housing, and retaining a staff on your own.
  5. When we help you build your team, you’re getting the best of all worlds — a long-term, loyal group of employees, hired in the tightest of timelines, at a low risk and minimal investment.
  6. We have more than 13 years of experience in the IT outsourcing industry, with a track record in software development sourcing best practices.
  7. We have access to a pool of more than 41,000 experienced IT professionals throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, with a wide range of technological skill and expertise.
  8. Our services allow you to quickly scale your team up or down to meet your needs at any given moment.
  9. We have in-depth expertise in such industries as digital agencies, banking and finance, entertainment and gaming, high tech, media and publishing, and travel and hospitality.
  10. Cloud strategy is always a top concern for our clients that’s why Ciklum cloud computing infrastructure is capable of satisfying any client’s requirements.

Interesting Facts

Our teams are multicultural

We have native speakers in 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian,Urdu, Arabic.

BAS is an equal opportunity employer

We have a high percentage of female employees in both general staff and on our development teams. Approximately five percent of BAS employees are people with disabilities

We are a technology pioneer and a leader in standards implementation

All our custom software development and product projects are implemented using SCRUM.

BAS is a growth driver

25 of our customers have reached the IPO stage with the help of BAS development and consultancy

We are an organizer and host

of more than 10 developer/Business events per month, including seminars, hackathons, webinars and local meetups

BAS is a reliable partner for market leaders

We work with Top-10 EU companies in areas as diverse as gaming, digital advertising, banking, and financial services

We are equally focused on small and medium businesses

About 80% of our revenues are from SME projects